What is a vegetarian?

Got an opportunistic fruitarian coming over for dinner and not sure what you’re dealing with? We’ve put together some broad definitions to give you an idea of where to start:

Vegetarian – Vegetarians don’t eat any meat, whether that’s red meat (lamb, beef etc) or poultry (chicken, turkey etc) or fish. However, they do usually still eat cheese, eggs and milk etc.

Vegan – Vegans don’t eat red meat (lamb, beef etc) or poultry (chicken, turkey etc) or fish. In addition, they don’t eat any animal products such as dairy (butter, lben, cheese etc) or eggs and might also draw the line at honey.

Pescatarian – Pescatarians don’t eat red meat (lamb, beef etc) or poultry (chicken, turkey etc). But they do eat fish and may eat seafood. They also usually eat cheese, eggs and milk.

Fruitarian – Fruitarians eat only fruits and may eat some seeds and nuts. Some fruitarians limit themselves only to fruits that fall naturally from plants and trees with no human interference. Other fruitarians take a botanical definition of “fruit” to include gourds, legumes and peas, etc. Some may also eat processed products like olive oil, honey and chocolate, amongst others. The safest option is probably just to ask!

Flexitarian – Flexitarians or opportunistic vegetarians eat vegetarian food (no meat, poultry or fish) whenever they can. That means they usually eat vegetarian food in their own homes but may be more flexible when eating at friends’ houses or in restaurants where there are no vegetarian options at all. This can be especially useful in regions where vegetarianism isn’t a well-established lifestyle choice.

HappyHmisa focuses on vegetarian recipes, although many of our recipes are also suitable for vegans and we make it clear when this is the case.

But to be really honest, we don’t actually like to get bogged down in definitions, because you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian food. The vegetarian recipes featured on HappyHmisa are for everyone, whether you eat meat most days, once a week or not at all.

Take a look at our page on the benefits of eating more meat-free food  for more information on why many people choose to eat vegetarian food.

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